Town of Beacon Falls
10 Maple Ave, Beacon Falls, CT 06403
ph: (203) 729-4340
Hurricane Irene Update
Saturday 9:45PM

The Town of Beacon Falls Emergency Management Team is currently manning the Command Center at the Firehouse.  
As mentioned in the Saturday 9:30PM Code Red Message, the phone number for all emergencies is 911.  
If you have a non-emergency, but need information or other assistance, please call 203-729-5323 or 203-729-1470 (Firehouse).

Again, you are asked to remain indoors for the duration of the storm.  High wind & heavy rains are expected possibly causing downed power-lines.  At no time should you approach a downed-line.  the Firehouse and Senior Center have been designated as shelters.  If you need transportation to a shelter please call 203-729-5323 or 203-729-1470.

The Town Public Safety Departments are prepared for this storm.  Please remain safe and continue to monitor television & radio broadcasts for advisories and information on the storm.  Additional Code Red broadcasts will be made as determined necessary for your safety.