2018 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)Support for Emergency Management Director/Program2020$5,000
Historic Preservation Grant - StateTown Clerk Support2020$5,500
2017 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)Support for Emergency Management Director/Program2020$5,000
Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) - DOJ5 Vests for Police Officers2019-2020$3,400
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)1 Roof for West Road WWT Pump Station2020$3,100
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)1 Basketball Court Rebuild - Pent Road Recreation Complex2020TBA
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US Trust1 Lucas Device for Fire Department2020$10,000
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustComputer Center for Senior Center2020$6,000
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustHistorical/Trail Signage for Matthies Park2020$12,000
Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) -  CT DEEPWildland Fire Hoseline and Attachments2020$2,500
2016 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)Support for Emergency Management Director/Program2019$3,026
Western CT Agency on the AgingSupport for Mini Bus Expenses/Qualified Riders2020$5,300
Connecticut Community FoundationSenior Programming and Trips2020$4,840
Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)2019 Freightliner Plow Truck2020$40,905
Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) -  CT DEEPPortable Radios for Fire2019$2,500
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Fire Base Station + Antenna2019$19,704
Historic Preservation Grant - StateHistoric Preservation2019$4,500
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustPortable Radios for Fire2019$12,000
Fair PlanDigital Camera for Fire Marshal2019$500
State DEMHSCERT Program radios and apparel2019$880
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Catch Basins at WWTP2019$6,206
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Library Flooring2019$3,552
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustLibrary Microphones and Sound System for Theatre2019$5,000
Connecticut Community FoundationSenior Programming Trips2019$4,613
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Town Hall Renovations2018$3,500
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Town Hall Carpeting2018$7,500
Historic PreservationTown Clerk2018$4,000
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustPortable Fire Dept. Radios


Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustRiverbend Park Benches & Tables2018$7,500
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Automatic Accessible Doors2018$5,325
STEAP GrantHighland Avenue Reconstruction2018$200,000
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Thermal Imaging Camera2017$5,495
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Garage Doors at Pent Road2017$5,000
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustBenches for Street Scape2017$8,000
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustPicnic Tables at the Senior Center2017$8,000
Historic PreservationTown Clerk2017$4,000
US Fish and WildlifeRiverbend Park Construction2017$100,000
CCFLibrary Programs2017$525
Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)Finance Office Remodel2017$4,852
Bright Ideas Eversource GrantLED Lighting on Town Buildings2017$10,000
Katharine Matthies - BOA/US TrustProjector/Screen at Town Hall Assembly Room2017$8,660


  • The chart above does NOT include grants applied to but not awarded.
  • While only four fiscal years are shown above (FY20-17) the Town of Beacon Falls has a long history of applying for grants! Please see below for historical grant documents or call our office to inquire.
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