Beacon Falls - Parks and Recreation Facilities

Get to know our parks!

Matthies Park -- "Residents Only"

A beautiful historic 300-acre park that has something to offer to everyone. Take a hike on one of the eight wooded trails and get in touch with nature or hike around Carrington Pond and see the many species of reptiles, aquatic life, waterfowl, and plants. For the more adventurous, you can paddle your kayak or canoe and get a close up view of the late Benard H. Matthies vacation home. Pack a lunch or cookout at the pavilion while the kids enjoy the playground. Pavilion rental is available for special events; refer to this website “Facility and Pavilion Use Application” for details.


Pent Road Recreation Center

Here there are multiple ball fields, pickleball courts, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Enjoy the playgrounds as well as the mile long walking track that circles the facility. Pent Road is the home of the Robert A. Cole Baseball League and Woodland Valley Softball League as well as the Woodland Hawks JV home field for soccer, baseball and softball. Pavilion rental is available for special events.


Volunteer Park 

This beautifully landscaped area is located behind the Beacon Falls Senior Center and Beacon Hose Co. No. 1. This area is perfect to read a book or watch the river run by. The park is dedicated to our hard working volunteers.


Veterans Park & Memorial

Veterans Park is a quaint little area on Main Street in the center of Beacon Falls. It is situated directly next to the green Depot Street bridge and is the perfect area to pay respect to our local heroes.


Riverbend Park

One of Beacon Fall's newest parks located off Nancy Avenue. Riverbend Park is a wonderful spot for kayaking and canoeing; however, it is recommended that only experienced paddlers enter the river because of the currents that can vary from slow to very swift.  Enjoy fishing the variety of fish or just relax and watch the river flow by.


Toby's Pond

A quiet area next to the Naugatuck River off Pinesbridge Road where you can fish, take a two mile scenic hike around the pond or paddle your kayak or canoe and spend some time relaxing on the water. You can also enjoy the pavilion next to the pond. The entrance to the park is located at the corner of Old Pinesbridge Road and Lopus Road. This is across the road from 2 Pinesbridge Road.


Lantern Ridge

 Lantern Ridge is a 90 acres of open space located off of Skokorat Road near Lantern Ridge Road. This preserved open space is the perfect place if you want to take a nice stroll through nature and relax. Parking is located off of Skokorat Road. Take your dog for a long hike and enjoy the beautiful views at Lantern Ridge.


Note: Please comply with the Park Rules/Regulations posted at each location.