The Region

Map of the Naugatuck Valley region

Education and Workforce

Because of Beacon Falls’ central location, it is surrounded by a ready and eager workforce. Nearly 200,000 students graduate each year from Connecticut’s 40 institutions of higher education. Accordingly, Beacon Falls’ residents are well-educated, with 31% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, and technically-trained, which 16% of the town’s workforce employed in manufacturing. In particular, Naugatuck Valley Community College offers robust Associate’s Degree and certificate programs designed to cater to the workforce needs of the local business community.

Key Industries

Wholesale trade: A large portion of the town’s workforce is employed in wholesale trade, with large firms like NEJ, Inc. calling Beacon Falls home. Easy access to interstate highways and abundant land zoned for industrial use are major reasons why wholesale trade is thriving in the community.
Construction: Construction is a significant industry in Beacon Falls, with 18.3% of the workforce being employed in this sector. DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding is the largest construction firm in town, and it remains here because of the technically-skilled workforce and central location within the state.
Manufacturing: Manufacturing employs 15.8% of Beacon Falls’ workforce and has historically been a very strong industry in town. A larger proportion of Beacon Falls residents are employed in manufacturing than in the state or surrounding towns. Companies like Goldenrod Corporation and Magna Steel are located in town because of its strong workforce and Enterprise Corridor Zone designation, which allows state tax incentives for manufacturing firms.


Beacon Falls is mid-way between New York City and Boston. It is positioned along Route 8 close to Interstate 84 to the north and Interstate 95 to the south. The town is only one hour away from Bradley International Airport and 90 minutes away from New York City airports. The MetroNorth Railway stops in town, with service expansion planned for the next few years, and alternate truck routes are available.