Registrar of Voters

Duties & Responsibilities

The Office of the Registrars of Voters is governed by the Connecticut General Statues and financially supported by the municipallity of Beacon Falls. Registrars work closely with the Office of the Secretary of the State to develop methods and procedures to ensure the voting rights of citizens and administer all elections (Federal, State, Municipal, Primaries, and Referenda) based on current election laws.

Registrars are responsible for voter education, organizing and conducting the annual canvas of voters, maintaining the accuracy of the registry list, updating voter files, preparing department budgets, training election officials, ensuring the proper maintenance of voting machines in preparation for their use at elections, training the moderator to tally the election results and submit the results to the Town Clerk.

Registrars attend meetings called by the Secretary of the State in order to keep current on impending and new legislation which impacts their Office. Registrarts also attend meetings of the Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut (ROVAC).

In addition to the regularly scheduled office hours, the Registrars also hold extra hours prior to elections and primaries. These hours will be posted on our web site at the appropriate time.

A committee has been established for the purpose of developing programs and procedures for training, examining, and certifying Registrars of Voters, Deputy Registrars of Voters and Permanent Assistants. (Sec. 9-192a(a)).

Although Registrars of Voters are elected officials, politics has no place in the Registrar's office. It is the responsibility of both Registrars to ensure fair and equitable enactment of all laws.

Thank you.

Voter List is a Public Record

Under the Freedom of Information Act of Connecticut (1-200 to 1-242), Voter Registry Lists are considered public records and, as such, are open to the public for their inspection.  Social Security numbers are NOT made public.

In addition to abiding by the FOI Act, the Registrars of Voters are required to have the Preliminary Registry List available for public inspection right after completion of said list – the Tuesday of the fifth week before the election (Sec. 9-32 and 9-35).

The Registrars are also required to post the names and addresses of any voter removed from the registry list along with a statement advising such voter to contact the registrars if he/she believes the name is removed in error (Sec. 9-35, 9-35a and 9-64a).

Making this information public is actually to benefit the voter. This way, any voter may verify his name is on the list before arriving at the polling place. Not all states are this transparent, which means that a voter may be removed by mistake, but they will not find out about it until showing up to vote.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jessica Krenesky Republican Registrar
Shawn Northrop Democratic Registrar