Water Pollution Control Authority

Working for the Residents of Beacon Falls

To apply for a sewer permit, please:

1) Download the sewer permit (located to the left) and complete it (handwritten or typed via Adobe text edit tool).

2) Submit completed application and payment (in-person or mail it) to the Building Inspector's Office. The Building Inspector will then share the form with the WPCA Chair and the payment with the Finance Office.

3) Once reviewed, the WPCA Chair may contact you with questions. Please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks for processing.

Sewer Permit Fees:

  • $35 permit application fee
  • $4,000 connection fee

Questions? If you have questions about the process or the application, please contact WPCA Chair Jeff Smith via email.

Board Members

Name Title
Brian Swan Member (Nov. 2023)
Jeffrey T. Smith Chair (Nov. 2027)
David D'Amico Member (Nov. 2027)
James A. Weed Member (Nov. 2024)
Cody Brennan Member (Nov. 2024)
Cody Muth Member (Nov. 2023)
Nicole Pastor Clerk