Board of Finance

Working for the Residents of Beacon Falls

The Board of Finance (BOF) oversees the financial operation of the government of Beacon Falls. The BOF is comprised of 6 elected members; officers are elected in December. The First Selectman serves as ex-officio member with no voting rights. The BOF recommends the budget for the Town Meeting, sets the mill rate for property taxation, approves all appropriations, arranges for the annual audit (and competitive selection of auditor as-needed), acts as a liaison for BOS and BOE labor contracts and fulfills other fiscal duties as-needed with the Finance Office.

Board Members

Name Title
Thomas Pratt Chair (D) (Nov. 2023)
Dalton Fennell Member (Nov. 2023)
Steve Leeper Vice Chair (R) (Nov. 2021)
Kyle Brennan Secretary (Nov. 2025)
James Carroll Member (D) (Nov. 2021)
Wendy Hopkinson Member (D) (Nov. 2025)
Erin Schwarz Clerk