The Town of Beacon Falls contracted with StreetScan in March 2019 to complete a pavement condition analysis of its 100 roads (or 34 lane-miles). This service was procured through the Town's partnership with the Connecticut Conference for Municipalities (CCM). This pavement analysis was pursued as a part of the Town's creation of a 10-year capital plan. CCM and StreetScan have partnered to provide CCM-member towns and cities Smart City pavement inspection and management services that are fast and affordable. StreetScan’s vans, equipped with innovative patented sensing technologies — acoustic, radar, and optical — can detect surface and subsurface roadway defects while driving in and without interrupting normal traffic flow.

How it Works

Data is collected using StreetScan’s proprietary pavement inspection van (ScanVan), which utilizes multiple sensor technologies to measure an ePCI (equivalent pavement condition index). The system provides seamless data coverage over the sensor’s scan area at speeds up to 55mph. Using an automated process, measurements from the multiple sensors are used in a proprietary decision-fusion algorithm to create an ePCI value for a segment of road. Data collected by the ScanVan is geo-located using an IMU-enabled GPS system combined with a digital optical encoder embedded in the rear two wheels.

photo of streetscan van and computer

Key Benefits

  • Projecting ePCI (Pavement Condition Index): PAVEMON uses a data driven deterioration model that takes into account the occurrence of extreme weather events to visualize road conditions with varying funding levels.
  • Repair Suggestions: PAVEMON suggests the most effective treatments ranging from slurry seal to an overlay to a full removal and reconstruction for each road segment. With this tool, municipalities can customize the cost of each repair method, choose to exclude certain unwanted repairs from the suggestion results, and generate results for the whole network or, by drawing an area on the map, just for the selected area.
  • Repair Prioritization: PAVEMON prioritizes repair operations based on available municipal budget funding. In the tool, municipal staff can change the default priorities and impose various constraints, for example, streets to be included in the results, and interactively change the priorities and observe the projected impact on the network’s performance.
  • Long Term Planning: PAVEMON schedules long term maintenance schemes based on your goals. Municipalities define a target ePCI to reach after a defined number of years and the system will generate the estimated budget required based on the current and predicted pavement conditions.

PCI Explained

streetscan pci chart

Beacon Falls PCI Map & Dashboard

streetscan map of beacon falls roads

beacon falls pci overall statistics barometer

Please visit this link for a Storymap developed by StreetScan for Beacon Falls as well as the interactive Streetscan map where you can click on each segment and get condition information, statistics, and photos.